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Honeycomb Mat Storage System

The HoneyComb Mat Storage System is a durable, modular system for your mat storage requirements.

These modules come fully assembled, ready to use and can be adapted to your warehouse layout.

  • Individual cell is designed to accommodate any rolled mat not larger than 8” in diameter
  • Each cell is hexagonal with an 8″ ID and is 42″ long
  • Made from recycled durable high impact polystyrene
  • The metal frame is heavy gauge steel with powder coated finish
  • Can be configured to Shelf Module or Rolling Cart
  • save time and money by easily locating logo or specialty mats
  • decrease floor space with compact design
  • easy positioning to mat roller using Rolling Cart
  • keeps mats clean and organized
  • locate mats with a Honeycomb map
  • no assembly required
  • 42″ deep x 50″ tall x 8′ long
  • 1 module stores 63 mats
  • 2 modules stores 126 mats
  • 3 modules stores 189 mats

Honeycomb Mat Storage Specs


Modules on the floor 

  • Can be set on the floor
  • Can be stacked up to a maximum of 3 modules high with wall bracing

Modules in pallet racking 

  • Can be installed on 4′ x 8′ anchored pallet racking

Rolling Cart 

  • 6″ (2 swivel – 2 rigid) Castors installed to the bottom module
  • Can be stacked up to a maximum of 2 modules high
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