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CDF 18-6 Flat Mat Ultra-Dry Washer

Maximize your profits with the revolutionary Flat Mat Ultra-Dray Washer!

The superior mechanical wash action cleans and sanitizes better than any other traditional systems. It cleans, dries and rolls your mats with “One-Touch”.

The CDF 18-6 Flat Mat Washer is the perfect solution for cleaning traditional and non-launderable floor mats.

CDF 18-8 Flat Mat Washer

  • lay flat wash design
  • up to 30 feet per minute
  • production rate of up to 6,000 plus pounds of mats per hour
  • .02 gallons per lb ~ 100 gallons of water per hour
  • 6′ maximum mat width in any length
  • dry to the touch on most matting types using our turbo dry technology
  • small foot print and ergonomic design
  • wash multiple mat types including WaterHog, Bristle, Logo, Plush, Vinyl, Anti-fatigue, Scraper, Carpet Tiles, Car Mats and more
  • One Operator – One Touch system to clean, dry and roll the mat
  • improve mat life span by eliminating mat damage using our lay flat washing system
  • expand market share washing non-launderable mat types
  • increase customer satisfaction with superior wash quality
  • free up floor space and lower building costs with small foot print and ergonomic design
  • lower labor costs with “One Man – One Touch” system
  • efficient dust control system
  • decrease water consumption and cost, thereby easing drought water restrictions
  • lower insurance claims by eliminating any further mat distortion or “baconing”
  • decrease WCB injury claims by reducing wash alley transfers
  • Electrical 200 AMP  |  460 Voltage  |  3-Phase  |  60 hz  |  112 kVa
  • Shipping Weight = 22,000 lbs
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction



CDF 18-6 Flat Mat Washer specs top

CDF 18-6 Flat Mat Washer Specs side

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