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CDF 18-6 Flat Mat Washer

Maximize your profits with the revolutionary CDF 18-6 Flat Mat Washer!

The superior mechanical wash action cleans and sanitizes better than any other traditional systems.

It cleans, dries and rolls your mats with “One-Touch”.

The CDF 18-6 Flat Mat Washer is the perfect solution for cleaning traditional and non-launderable floor mats.

To better understand the benefit and reduction of production costs, we’ve included a Mat Math Calculator for Mats, Labor and Water Cost Reduction Analysis.

We have supplied three different spreadsheets. Click on the title to download the appropriate one for your application.

Fill in the blue squares on the ‘Input’ tab at the bottom. Then check out the Cost Reduction on the Mat, Labor and Water tabs with a Summary at the end.  Be advised that these are estimates only as there are several location-specific variables that are not accounted for such as mat type, speed of operator, altitude and humidity.

Please contact us with any questions or confirmation.

  • improve mat life span by eliminating mat damage using our lay flat washing system
  • expand market share washing non-launderable mat types
  • increase customer satisfaction with superior wash quality
  • free up floor space and lower building costs with small foot print and ergonomic design
  • lower labor costs with “One Man – One Touch” system
  • efficient dust control system
  • decrease water consumption and cost, thereby easing drought water restrictions
  • lower insurance claims by eliminating any further mat distortion or “baconing”
  • decrease WCB injury claims by reducing wash alley transfers
  • lay flat wash design
  • up to 30 feet per minute
  • production rate of up to 6,000 plus pounds of mats per hour
  • .02 gallons per lb ~ 100 gallons of water per hour
  • 6′ maximum mat width in any length
  • dry to the touch on most matting types using our turbo dry technology
  • small foot print and ergonomic design
  • wash multiple mat types including WaterHog, Bristle, Logo, Plush, Vinyl, Anti-fatigue, Scraper, Carpet Tiles, Car Mats and more
  • One Operator – One Touch system to clean, dry and roll the mat
  • Electrical 200 AMP  |  460 Voltage  |  3-Phase  |  60 hz  |  112 kVa
  • Shipping Weight = 22,000 lbs
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction



CDF 18-6 Flat Mat Washer specs top

CDF 18-6 Flat Mat Washer Specs side

CDF 18-6 Flat Mat Washer 818 front pageCDF 18-6 Flat Mat Washer 818 back pageClick to print PDF CDF 18-6 Flat Mat Washer 818


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